the FAQ's

  •  When is the Havasu Palooza Country Music Festival?

On Saturday September 14th 2019 on the water and from land, Thompson Bay in Lake Havasu will transform into a boaters/floaters concert for an epic country musical experience that will unfold along the beach from a "Floating Stage". Music starts @ 11:30 am to 6:00 pm. You can start tie-up @ sunrise to get your spot.(Come in with your group so you can tie-up next to them)

  • Where is the Havasu Country Music Festival?

The "Floating Stage" will rest on the shoreline of Rotary Park and facing Thompson Bay. You can start tie-up @ sunrise to get your spot and non-boaters will be able to enter through land.

  • Do I need a boat to be able to attend the concert?

No, You can walk in through the beach.

  • Are flotation devices required?

Yes, If you are in the water you are required to have life jacket/flotation device.

  • Can I bring my over-sized high flotation?

No, If it blocks attendees view it will not be allowed.

  • Is the show open to all ages?

Yes, all ages are welcome.  Children under 14 are free. 

  • Can I bring my ice chest on the beach?

Yes, ice chest are allowed on the beach. No glass

  • Can I bring alcohol by land?

    Yes, If Ice chest is brought in by land you will be charged $20 per ice chest.

  • Is alcohol allowed in my boat?

Yes, You can bring alcohol/beer in your boat. (no charge per ice chest)

  • Can I bring an EZ-Up/umbrella and chairs?

Yes, 1 EZ-Up per family and the max size is 10X10. EZ-Ups will need to set up 30 feet from shoreline.

  • What about severe weather?

If bad weather hits we will either make it a on land only event  for that day OR postpone it to Sunday September 15th if safe.

  • Gosh, what else should I not bring?

Drugs you wouldn't want to get caught with

Firearms or other weapons

Fireworks of any kind

Selfie sticks (seriously, they're annoying and not safe around thousands of people)

Absolutely no drones. Too many people around

  • What about my dog?

No dogs are allowed except for documented service animals.

  • How about cigarettes?

While this is an outdoor event, it's still a crowded, public place. Please keep light-up tobacco at home. Also, please be mindful of your fellow festival goers and don't "vape."

  • What's the bathroom situation at the Festival?

We have a whole bunch of port-a-potties and regular restrooms onshore. Boaters will have a designated beach area for drop-off and pickup.

  • Can I leave the Festival and come back?

Why yes you can. When you enter the Festival, you'll be fitted with a wristband. Your wristband proves you've already paid, so you're free to come and go. Just don't take it off until you're done for the day, and you'll be good.

  • Can I bring my own food?

Yes, but you might not want it once you see our food offerings. Lots of vendors with all kinds of food and soft drinks.

  • Will there be an ATM on Festival grounds?

We're sorry, no. Please come armed with cash. Some vendors might be able to take credit cards, but be prepared. There is an ATM at the service station up the block, if you want. There might be fees involved.

  • What else is there to buy?

Our Vendor Village is going to be a great destination, with food, beverages other cool boating merchandise, and we'll have Havasu Palooza Country Music Festival T-shirts for sale, too.

  • What should I bring?

These can make your day more comfortable:

Bottled Water/Drinks

Life Jacket/Flotation Device

Folding chairs

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

Check the weather report on Sept 14th for any further recommendations

  • Can I bring my Lily pad to the stage?

No, We will be supplying Lily pads in front of the stage